Part of Pro Air Plus’ success is the ability to supplement quality products in the HVAC field, with years of experience in the industry. We offer a variety of methods to introduce you to our products and discuss how they can benefit your next project. If you are interested in any of our products and want to learn more…give us a call! Below are some examples of what Pro Air Plus has to offer.

Unit Ventilator Applications

A review of Temspec’s complete line of unit ventilators. Will help you select the best product based on sensible and latent loads, local energy costs, sound requirements and your base building HVAC system. We’ll examine first cost, operating and maintenance costs, and compare to other systems such as a chilled beam & DOAS system (1.5 PDH)

Design Considerations for Achieving a Zero Energy Building (ZEB):

Net zero buildings have become a reality and Temspec has stayed ahead of the ZEB curve in offering systems to achieve zero energy. We’ll explore how a net zero design can be achieved with a unit ventilator system by integrating energy recovery and renewables such as geo-thermal, and solar. We’ll examine what EUI’s are needed to achieve a ZEB (1.0 PDH)

VFD Harmonic Mitigation

A review of what VFD Harmonic Distortion, what it is and how its created.  Followed by a Four Common Harmonic Mitigation Devices, how to apply them and their benefits.  (1.0 PDH)

A Holistic Look at Condensing Systems and Optimization

A holistic look at condensing heat rejection equipment, design principles and system selection optimization, as well as, applications of new technologies.  To provide consulting mechanical engineers with an overview of condensing heat rejection equipment and applications.  Discuss strategies for equipment selection with system optimization for both first cost and life cycle operating cost. (1.5 PDH)

Reducing AHU Energy through Optimized Fan Array Operation

A review of Fundamentals of Fan Arrays. We’ll examine Variable Fan Wheel Width Technology and Fan Part Load Operation, Definite Purpose Motors for Fan Arrays, and compare Operating Cost Savings. (1.0 PDH)

Achieving a Sound Design

Noise is the number one complaint behind temperature in schools and the number one complaint in condominiums and LEED buildings. Potential noise problems can be identified and avoided in the design stage so this course explores their sources and how to avoid them. The course explores design considerations for environmental noise and you’ll learn about the Temspec “Noise Guaranty” (1.0 PDH)