Pro Air Plus has a full complement of products used in non-residential applications. Our products are versatile and fit a wide range of applications. Our staff has a strong background in several industries and can provide sounds advice on how to design your building systems. Pro Air Plus has done business in a wide variety of markets including: Health Care, Universities & Schools, Arenas, Entertainment Venues, Utilities, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Industrial, Commercial/Retail and Resorts.

BOSCH Thermotechnology

Buderus Boiler Systems
Commercial & Industrial Boilers
Cast Iron & Stainless Steel
Condensing Boilers
Commercial Air Handling Units

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climate craft


Custom Air Handling Units
Site Built/Knock Down Construction
Retrofit Fan Arrays

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AboveAir Technologies

Mission Critical Equipment (CRAC)
Outside Air Equipment

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temspec inc


Vertical/Horizontal Classroom Unit Ventilators / Fan Coil Units
Classroom Heat Pumps / Energy Recovery Options

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griswold water systems

Griswold Water Systems

Non- Chemical Water Treatment
Water Filtration Equipment
Centrifugal Solids Separators

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vibration eliminator

Vibration Eliminator Co., Inc.

Floor Mounted Springs and Neoprene Isolators
Ceiling Suspended Isolation Hangers

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vulcan radiator

Vulcan Radiator

Finned Radiation
Radiant Ceiling Panels / Panel Radiators
Unit Heaters / Cabinet Unit Heaters

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FHP – Florida Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pumps
Geothermal Heat Pumps
Water-to-Water, Water-to-Air
Large Capacity Heat Pumps
Heat Recovery Rooftop Packages

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renew aire


Energy Recovery Ventilators
DOAS Units

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Modular Chillers/Heat Pumps
Custom Packaged Rooftop Units/Make Up Air Units

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direct coil

Direct Coil

Refrigerant Condensers
Air Fluid Coolers
Replacement Coils

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Franklin Control Systems

Cooling Tower Controls
VFD control panels
Basin Heater Control Packages

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high k


Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

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